MySaving Super benefit gives you the benefit of ‘super’ interest rate equivalent to Time Deposit and free charges for RTGS, LLG and Clearing transaction.

MySaving Super benefits :

  • Interest rate equivalent to the interest rate of Time Deposit *) 
  • Free of charge for RTGS, LLG and Clearing transaction
  • Free of charge for cash withdrawal and debit card usage
  • Unlimited access anywhere and everywhere with higher transaction limit comparing to ATM Gold
  • Automatic transfer from MySaving Super Benefit account to MyGiro Premium account.
  • onvenient access to your account through our mobile banking service

*) Terms and conditions apply

Document required :

Documents Required:Individual
Copy of ID or passport
Temporary Residence Permit (KITAS) or Permanent Residence Permit (KITAP) for foreign citizen

For Further Information, please contact MyCall at (021) 1-5000-29 or visit our nearest office.

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