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Achieve a brighter future for your family with a legacy that can be passed down to the next generation with protection from the risks of death and provide you with optimal investment opportunities through Zurich Family Gen Assurance

Product Benefits:

  1. Provides protection for families in one insurance policy
  2. Flexibility to choose the protection period
    The policyholder can decide on the protection period as early as 20 years until the policyholder reaches 99 years old
  3. Safeguard family's financial future for the next generation
    Ensure protection for your family until the next generation without the need for a risk reselection process with the Transfer of Coverage to the Next Generation feature
  4. Guarantee of policy remaining in-force
    As long as the basic premium and renewable top-up premium are consistently paid, the policy will remain in force for the first 5 years, even if the investment value is not sufficient to cover the fees
  5. Additional Benefit available (Rider)
    The policyholder has the flexibility to add additional benefits (riders) to enhance and customize the protection according to their specific needs

Insurance Benefits:

  1. Death Benefit due to Accident
    In the event of death during the insured period, the policyholder is entitled to receive 100% of the Sum Assured and Investment value (if any). However, if the insured individual passes away before reaching 5 years old, the death benefit will be paid according to the following table:

    Age when passed   
    % of Sum Assured
    ≤ 1 20%
    2 40%
    3 60%
    4 80%
    ≥ 5 100%

  2. Investment Benefit
    The policy provides the opportunity to earn an investment benefit equivalent to the investment value (if any) based on the unit value within the policy. In the event of death due to any cause or when the policyholder reaches 99 years old, Zurich will provide the investment value (if any). It's important to note that the unit value is subject to fluctuations based on the performance of the investment fund, and the investment value is not guaranteed

  3. Loyalty Benefit
    1. Loyalty benefit is a value added on the investment value coming from the basic premium with some terms as follow:
      1. At the conclusion of the 10th policy anniversary and each subsequent 10-year anniversary, derived from the annual basic premium; and
      2. Every decade since a modification is made to the policy resulting in an increase in the basic premium. This increase is based on the updated value of the annual basic premium, without considering any previous annual basic premium amounts (if any)
    2. Loyalty benefit will be given at a particular percentage, following the table below.

      Loyalty Benefit Period (year-)Loyalty Benefit Payment (year-)% of Loyalty Benefit
      1-10 10 10%
      11-20 20 25%
      21-30 30 50%
      The next decade since year 31 and so on End of decade since year 31 50%


Transition of the Insured for the Next Generation

  1. Transition of the insured for the next generation:
    The option available to the beneficiary to assume the role of the new beneficiary and continue paying the basic premium/rider following the death of the previous primary beneficiary
  2. Feature Activation Process
    1. If the main insured passes away due to an accident, death from any cause, or reaches the age of 99 years old, the coverage for the additional insured can be extended if the policyholder chooses to activate the insured transition to the next generation feature. This can be done by appointing a new main insured from the beneficiaries listed on the policy summary or endorsement (if available), based on the following criteria
      1. The main beneficiary with the largest insurance benefit proportion; or
      2. The beneficiary listed first on the policy summary if there is more than one beneficiary with the same proportion
    2. Once the activation of insured transition to the next generation feature is activated, then the terms applied are as follow:
      1. The newly appointed main insured will receive the basic protection without the need for risk reselection on the sum assured. They will also have the same level of coverage as the previous main insured, ensuring continuity in the policy's coverage
      2. The policy's inherited value, which will be passed on to the new main policyholder and insured, will be invested in the same investment fund to maintain continuity of the protection
      3. All riders will remain active
      4. The new policyholder must continue paying for the basic premium and top up (if any)
      5. The Cost of Insurance, Additional Cost of Insurance, administration fee, and other fees detailed in the fee information will remain in effect and will be deducted through unit reduction
    3. The activation of insured transition to the next generation feature can only be done twice
    4. The insured period after the feature is activated to be determine by Zurich Topas Life by considering the policy value as stated on point b.ii.

Refer to the Policy terms and conditions

Terms & Condition

  1. Insured Entry Age: 15 days – 70 years (based on age at last birthday)
  2. Policy Holder Age: 18 years – 99 years (based on age at last birthday)
  3. Insurance Period: Minimum 20 years and maximum until the Insured reaches the age of 99 years
  4. Premium Payment Period: Follows the insurance period
  5. Sum Assured: Minimum IDR 100,000,000
  6. Basic Premium: Minimum IDR 20,000,000 per year
  7. Periodic Top Up Premium: Minimum IDR 1,000,000
  8. Single Top Up Premium: Minimum IDR 1,000,000
  9. Premium Payment Frequency: Annually, 6 monthly, 3 monthly, or monthly
  10. The Insured and Policy Holder are Indonesian citizens and/or domiciled in Indonesia.
  11. Complete and sign the Life Insurance Application.
  12. Attach a photocopy of personal identity.
  13. Carry out a health check (if necessary).
  14. Provide complete, honest, and accurate information and supporting documents.
  15. Understand the terms and conditions of coverage before signing the Life Insurance Application.
  16. Notify if there are changes to the information or documents provided to Zurich Topas Life.
  17. Pay premiums on time before the due date.
  18. Other obligations as stated in the Policy.


Zurich Family TermLink

Zurich Family TermLink, an additional protection to ensure and protect family stability from death by any cause risk

  1. Protection coverage until 99 years old
    Protecting death by any cause risk until 99 years old
  2. MAdjustable Sum Assured benefit
    Protecting death by any cause risk through 100% Sum Assured and the policyholder can decide on the Sum Assured according to the personal needs

Term & Condition


Zurich Family TermLink

Type of Insurance

Additional Term Life Protection Insurance

Entry age for Insured

30 days – 70 years (based on the last birthday)

Entry age for Policyholder

18 years – 99 years (based on the last birthday)

Insurance Coverage

Until the Insured reach 100 years old

Minimum Sum Assured

IDR 100.000.000

Premium Payment Period
Until the Insured reach 99 years old

Premium Payment Frequency

Following the basic insurance policy

Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)


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