Safety is our main priority for our customer. With the correct practice, customer will be able to perform banking activity with more confidence. The followings are several banking safety tips:

Tips for Safety ATM Machine Transaction

  • Keep your ATM PIN confidential and change your PIN periodically.
  • Cover your fingers when you enter your PIN at the ATM machine (Beware of hidden camera at public spaces)
  • When Choosing PIN number, avoid common numbers, alphabeths and variations. Avoid Initial, birthday, phone number or combinations.
  • Use ATM machine closer to our branch office (security presence). When performing transaction in public area such as at the mall or hospital, look for more crowded places and cover the pinpad when entering PIN.
  • When you lost your card, makesure you have the emergency number in hand to inform your Bank.


Transaction Tips at the ATM

  • If you find ATM machine in a defect, unusual condition, attached with certain object or unattached cables, please inform the bank and use other ATM machine.
  • Examine your surroundings condition- If the light is deem or the location is hidden, use other ATM machine.
  • Prepare your card beforehand to avoid any last minute inconvenience.
  • Makesure your PIN or the amount of transaction is not visible to the people queing behind or beside you.
  • Never count your cash infront of the ATM- Put your cash, card and transaction receipt into your wallet/ bag directly.
  • Cancel your transaction and leave the ATM location if you are suspicious of anything.
  • When using the ATM in a small room, do not allow unknown people to enter the space.
  • When using drive-through service, lock your car and directly close the window after transaction.
  • Do not leave your key or valuable belongings in the car when using the ATM and do not leave your car unguarded when the engine is on.

Keep your Card and Receipt

  • After performing debit or any ATM transaction, ask your card back immediately.
  • Please keep your ATM receipt after all transaction. Compare the receipt with the transaction. This is the best protection to avoid any unauthorized transaction and it will help you to track your transaction easily.
  • When your ATM card gets stuck inside the ATM machine, beware of people who offers help. Criminals are able to obtain your PIN in many ways (peeking behind the shoulder, or asking direct question), and then proceed with unauthorized transaction using your card. When experiencing any problem, please call your bank immediately or visit the nearest office.



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