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We understand that you need the best protection. Unexpected things can happen anytime to anyone. It is crucial for you and your family to have a life protection for a comfortable future.

Ziaga Life Flexy comes as a life insurance solution with a protection for 99 years, with an annual payment term which can be renewed until the Insured reaches 99 years old. Ziaga Life Flexy has benefits as follow:

Death Benefit
If the Insured passed away due to illness or accident and within the coverage period, then 100% of the sum assured will be paid to the beneficiary.

Product Highlight

  1. Peace of Life
    Provide 100% Sum Assured for your family for death due to illness or accident.
  2. Protection
    Flexibility in deciding the Sum Assured, the policyholder can decide the total Sum Assured needed up to IDR 3bn and the flexibility in deciding the coverage period with yearly renewable term up to 99 years old.
  3. Affordable Premium
    Premium starts from IDR 20K per month (the premium is determined by the gender and Sum Assured set for the insured).
  4. Application Process
    Seamless application process through a link or bank staff’s RDD QR Code


General Rules

Entry age for Insured

18 - 60 years (based on the last birthday)

Entry age for Policyholder

18 - 99 years (based on the last birthday)

Insurance Coverage

Until the insured reach 99 years old

Basic Premium

Starting from IDR 20K per month (yearly renewable

Sum Assured

IDR 50mn - IDR 3bn



Premium Payment Frequency
Annualy, Sementerly, Quarterly and monthly


Things that triggers unpaid claims:

  1. When you provide false information while filling out the health declaration and other details in the policy
  2. When passed away due to:
    1. Pre-existing condition, illness or mental health or injuries where the insured have been diagnosed and / or under treatment / consultation before the insured date; or
    2. Suicide or attempted suicide due to mental or non-mental illness, within 1 year since the insured date or policy reinstatement (whichever comes last)

And other exceptions which has been explained in detail in the policy

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