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myTOKEN Bank Mayapada is a mobile application that replaces the Hard Token function to authorize financial and non-financial transactions on myONLINE.

Newly registered myONLINE users who have just registered either through ATMs or Bank Mayapada Branch Offices can immediately activate myTOKEN independently through the "Activate myTOKEN" menu in myONLINE.

myONLINE users who currently using hard token can convert to myTOKEN by visiting Bank Mayapada branch office.


  1. Requirements to use myTOKEN facility:
    • The customer has registered myONLINE
    • myONLINE is active
    • Used on cell phones with numbers registered in the myONLINE service
    • Used on Android-based phones with a minimum version of 4.4 while IOS with a minimum version of 11.1
  2. Steps to activate myTOKEN:
    • Log in to myONLINE via
    • Click Activate myTOKEN → Make sure the cellphone number and email data are correct.
    • Select OS Type → Android/IOS → Select “Send Activation Code”
    • Open an SMS from Bank Mayapada, click the URL and install the myTOKEN application
    • Open the myTOKEN application → Select “Allow”
    • Choose Indonesian or English
    • Enter the verification code sent via SMS → Select “Verify”
    • Enter myONLINE Customer ID → Select “Confirm”
    • Generation of myTOKEN PINs
    • myTOKEN was successfully activated



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