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As the lifestyle of modern society improves, the need for optimal and comprehensive medical services also increases. Zurich understands that each individual has different health protection needs.

Zurich Optimal Health Assurance (ZOHA) is a health protection solution that can provide you with the medical care you need, so you can get back to work and continue to be active.

ZOHA Advantages:

  • Provides protection for medical treatment costs of up to IDR 40 billion* per year.
  • ZOHA provides reimbursement of medical treatment costs according to the plan you choose with an Annual Benefit of up to IDR 40 billion.
  • 4 Choices of Benefit Plans tailored to your health needs.
  • ZOHA provides 4 Plans to suit your needs; Plan Nusantara, Plan NusaPlus, Plan Asia, and Plan Globall.
  • Coverage for your medical care Worldwide**
  • ZOHA gives you access to the best medical care in various parts of the world according to the available Plan, also equipped with cashless facilities for treatment in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore.
  • Short Waiting Period for Specific illnesses
  • ZOHA provides waiting period of 90 days only for specific illnesses.
  • Benefits of Monitoring for Cancer Care
  • Provide Monitoring services for Cancer Care every year with a value according to the Plan you choose.
  • Additional Option Features Available: Optimal.
  • Optimal choice features for those of you who want to have ideal health protection with more affordable premiums. If you want peace of mind on the cost of Health care, including for critical illness care even though you are covered by other Health Insurance, ZOHA offers Optimal Option features that provide convenience and can complement your current Health Insurance.

* According to the Annual Benefit Plan option you choose, refer to the Zurich Optimal Health Assurance Benefit Table
** Except the United States, Based on the applicable provisions in the Policy.

 General Specification :

Insured entry age

30 days - 70 years old (last birthday)

Policyholder entry age

18 - 99 years old (last birthday)

Coverage period

Until the police anniversary when the insured age reaches 100 years old

Insurance Premium

Premiums are calculated based on age, gender, and Plan selected




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