myMOBILE is Bank Mayapada mobile banking service that gives you the freedom and convenience for your everyday transaction anywhere and anytime.


  1. Available in 3 connection options :
    • SSD (Android only), SMS and Data.
  2. Information :
    • Balance inquiry information and last 5 transaction information.
  3. Transfer :
    • Transfer to Mayapada Account, other Bank and Virtual Account.
  4. Payment :
    • Postpaid, Flight Ticket, Cable TV, Insurance, PLN and credit card.
  5. Purchase :
    • Top up e-Wallet, Prepaid Credit and Data Prepaid Credit.
  6. Setting :
    • Connection, Destination Account, Top Up, Payment, Change PIN and Language.
  7. Other information :
    • Foreign Exchange Rate, Interest Rate, nearest Branch and ATM Bank Mayapada


  1. Customer can register for myMOBILE facility at the ATM as well as Bank Mayapada branch office.
  2. Steps to register myMOBILE through ATM:
    • Insert ATM card and PIN
    • Choose language
    • Choose “Other transaction”
    • Choose “Registration/PIN Services”
    • Choose “Mobile Banking Registration”
    • Choose your account type → Saving 
    • Input your registered phone number
    • Input 6 digits number as myMOBILE PIN → Choose “Correct”
    • Confirm 6 digit myMOBILE PIN → Choose “Correct”
    • myMOBILE successfully registered through ATM
    • myMOBILE can be downloaded through Google Play Store for Android and App Store for IOS.
  3. Requirements to use myMOBILE facility:
    • Has mySAVING account
    • Account status must be active
    • Has to have ATM card with PIN
    • Has active phone number from the following providers: Telkomsel/ XL/ Indosat Oreedoo/ Axis
    • myMOBILE application can be used in smartphone with minimum version of Android 6.0 or IOS 9.0

For further information, please contact myCALL at (021) 1500029 or visit our nearest office.


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