Get insurance protection as early as possible to protect you and your family’s future from the risk of illness, critical illness, accident, and death. Insurance will guarantee your financial security from the unexpected risks. Plan the unplanned by having insurance coverage to plan your future needs such as savings, retirement funds, and children education fees. Sequis Financial offers Q Protection that provides life and death benefits as well as guaranteed scheduled benefit payment  for the Insured and beneficiary.

Benefit :

  1. Provides Life and Death Benefits for the insured and beneficiary.
  2. Additional guaranteed scheduled benefit payment that will be paid according to the selected premium payment period.
  3. Fixed premium with various premium payment period options (based on the age when the product is taken)
  4. Offers facilities for customers:
  • Cash Value
  • Automatic Premium Loan
  • Reduced Paid Up
  • Extended Term Insurance
  • Free Look Period
  • Grace Period
  • Policy Reinstatement
  • Policy Loan
  • Change of Sum Insured
  • Change of Payment Mode

Term & Condition :

1 Entry Age Minimum: 1 month old
Maximum:  60 years old - Premium Payment Period taken
2 Premium Payment Period 5, 7, or 9 years
3 Coverage Period Up to Insured’s attained age 75
4 Age Max 75 years
5 Sum Insured Minimum: Rp50 million
6 Mode of Payment Yearly, Semesterly, Quarterly, and Monthly
7 Lien Clause * If the child insured died due to non-accidental before the age of 5, the Sum Insured shall be paid proportionally in accordance with the applicable Lien Factor in Policy Contract
8 Contestable Period Contestable Period is 2 (two) years from the date of insurance contract started as specified in Policy Contract or the Policy reinstatement date (if any), which one is the latest.
9 Currency Rupiah
10 Distribution Method Bancassurance 

* Clause that provides information on any of the insurance benefits within a certain period as long as the Policy is still valid.

Exclusion :

The Insurer is exempted from any financial obligation if the Insured dies due to:

  1. Suicidal death that occurs within 2 (two) years after the coverage period starts (or within 2 (two) years from the Policy reinstatement date);
  2. Death sentence by the court;
  3. The Insured work/occupation such as military, police, pilot, mining worker, as far as the work is not covered or stated in the application;
  4. The Insured’s sports/hobbies which contain risks such as car racing, motorbike racing, horse racing, aerospace sports, sailing, mountain climbing, boxing, and other sports that contain dangerous and similar risks as far as the sports/hobbies that are not covered;
  5. Intentional crime action performed by those with an interest in the Sum Insured, therefore the Insurer is exempted from any financial obligation; or;
  6. Actions and/or attempts to violate the law.

Download Brochure:

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If you are interested and would like to know more about Sequis products and services, please contact Sequis Financial Customer Service (62-21) 5226 677 on business days at 8.15 am to 5.00 pm or by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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