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Now is the time for you to plan your future by investing while protecting yourself from various risks in life. With MahaCita Protection, Zurich provides comprehensive protection and optimal investment opportunities, to create a pleasant future.

MahaCita Protection provides special benefits for you:

  • Death Benefit
  • 100% of the Sum Assured + Investment Benefits.
  • Investment Benefits
  • The amount of the Investment Value (if any) of the Unit balance formed in the Policy. Unit Price may increase or decrease depending on the performance of the Investment Fund. Investment Value is not guaranteed.

MahaCita Protection 2 advantages:

  • Maximum Protection
    • Life protection up to 20 years (renewable, up to age 100 years old, without re-underwriting).
    • Death Benefit of 100% Sum Assured plus Investment Benefit.
  • Maximum Investment
    • 60% of Paid basic premium will be allocated to Investment in the first year, and 100% in 2nd year onwards.
    • Various option of Investment Funds regarding to your investment risk profile
  • Maximum Features
    • Affordable premium, starting from Rp 4 million/year.
    • No Lapse Guarantee in first 5 years of policy, which ensures your Policy will remain active even if the Fund Value is insufficient to cover any charges*
    • Loyalty Bonus up to 105% of Basic Premium, for customers who paid the Premium until the end of policy coverage.
    • Premium Holiday Facility can be applied by customers, starting from the 6th year of policy and the Policy will remain active as long as the Investment Value is sufficient to pay the costs incurred.
    • Application process without medical check-up for Sum Assured up to Rp10 billion.**
    • A wide selection of Additional Insurance Benefits (Riders) according to your needs.

* Term & condition applied
** Depends on the Insured's entry age

Additional Insurance Benefit (Riders): :

  • Protection for Accidental risk: Maha Accidental Death Benefit (Maha ADB)
  • Protection for Health risk: Zurich H&S Max which can be added with Critical Illness Benefit (10 MCMB) and Extra annual limit benefit (Extra)
  • Protection for Critical Illness risk:
    • Maha Critical Illness Plus (Maha CI Plus) & Maha Critical Illness Plus 85 (Maha CI Plus 85)
    • Maha Critical Illness Early Care
  • Waiver of Premium
    • Maha Waiver of Premium Plus (Maha WoPP)
    • Maha Parent Payor (Maha PP)

Investment Fund Options:

  • ZurichLink Rupiah Money Market Fund
  • ZurichLink Rupiah Fixed Income Fund
  • ZurichLink Rupiah Flexible Fund
  • ZurichLink Rupiah Equity Invesr Fund
  • ZurichLink Rupiah Amani Equity Fund

General Specification: :

Age Entry of Insured

15 days – 65 years old (last birthday)

Age Entry of Policy Holder

18 – 99 years old (last birthday)

Coverage period

20 years (renewable up to age 100 years old)

Basic Regular Premium

Minimum IDR 4.000.000 /year

Regular Top Up Premium

Minimum IDR 1.000.000 / year
Maximum 2 x Basic Premium

Premi Top Up Tunggal

Minimum Rp 1 juta/tahun

Maximum 2x Premi Dasar

Sum Assured

Minimum: Whichever is higher IDR 100 million or 5 x Annual Basic Premium

Maximum: Unlimited, subject to Zurich underwriting approval




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