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Enjoy making your dream home with ease through Program myHOME Loan Promo HUT KPR 34 Tahun in celebration of the 34rd anniversary of Bank Mayapada International.

FIX 3%
FIX 4%
Minimum Term of 8 years Minimum Term of 10 years
Purchasing maximum tenor 25 years
Multifunction maximum tenor 10 years

Program Period Until
31 December 2024

This program can be applied for::

  • Purchase of Special Primary Residences (ARC100 and Kyo Society Apartments)
  • Purchase of Second Home; House/Apartment/Shophouse
  • Take Over
  • Multi-purpose Loan

Documents required:

Submission Document Requierements:

Private Document
Copy of valid KTP and spouse’s ID card      
Copy of Family card      
Photocopy of Marriage  Certificate/Deed of Separation of assets/Divorce/Death of Spouse (if any)      
Copy of personal TIN      
Birth certificate (additional document if needed)      
Employment/Earning Documents
Copy of account mutation for the last 3 months       
Certificate of Employment      
Salary Slips for the last 3 months        
Photocopy of company’s  deed of establishment and  recent amendments  
Photocopy SIUP/TDP/SKDU/SITU/SKDP/NIB (*Specially legal Entities are required to have  NIB
Copy of company TIN       
Photocopy of practice license/copy of certificate from professional association      
Photocopy of company’s financial statements (if needed)      
Guarantee Documents
Copy of certificate
Copy of IMB    
Copy of the last PBB
Photocopy of receipt / proof of transfer or receipt of payment / advance payment (*Special facilities KPP)    
Purchase From Developer (ARC100 and Kyo Society)
Apartement order letter
Photocopy of payment receipt and down payment    
Credit Administration Mandatory Documents
Application for credit
Statement letter from mortgage debtor regarding Bank Indonesia’s LTV regulation    
RAB, for granting KKBP for home renovation / multipurpose use


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