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myONLINE & myMOBILE end of year program mechanism:

  1. Highest transaction frequency competition
  2. Program period 01 October 2021 – 31 December 2021
  3. Applied for transaction in myONLINE and myMOBILE
  4. Three types of transactions (Online Transfer, Payment and Purchase) must be in the combination of transactions made to be calculated in the program
  5. Make transaction min. 10x during program period
  6. Transfer Mayapada Account are not included in the transaction calculation
  7. For Bank Mayapada employees, online transfers are not included in the transaction calculation
  8. Not valid for mekar savings types
  9. Bank Mayapada credit card payment transactions are calculated in max. 1x transaction / month
  10. Transaction calculations are carried out based on CIF
  11. Transactions included in the program calculation are transactions that are declared successful by the bank
  12. 5 customers with the highest transaction frequency are entitled to receive prizes prepared by Bank Mayapada:Announcement of winners will be made up to 10 working days after end of period program
    • 1st Winner : 1 Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Flip 
    • 2nd Winner : 1 HP Notebook
    • 3rd Winner : 1 Polytron Smart TV 43 Inch
    • 4th Winner : 1 Philips Air Purifier
    • 5th Winner : 1 Earbud JBL Tune 120 True Wireless Inear Headphone
  13. Announcement of winners will be made up to 10 working days after end of period program
  14. Announcement of winner for this program can be seen on Bank Mayapada website and instagram account. Bank Mayapada will also send a confirmation email and/or SMS to the winner of this program
  15. To collect the prize, winner can confirm by contacting call center 1-5000-29 within the period informed in the winner announcement post. If the winner does not confirm within time period it will be considered void
  16. Prize collection will be done at the account owning branch. Details of the location and time of the prize collection will be informed upon the winner confirmation to call center 1-5000-29
  17. The winner will be considered void if the winner is not present at the specified time and place to collect the prize, or fail to show the required documents for verification
  18. Bank's decision is final
  19. No added fee that will be charge to the winner
  20. Prizes are non-cashable
  21. Bank Mayapada will not ask for credential customer data such as user ID, password, PIN, OTP for program participation or prize receipt. Beware of fraud using the name of Bank Mayapada


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