Ziaga PA Plus is here to protect you in time of accident resulting in body injury, permanent disablement as well as complete disablement and permanent, even death, before you reach 75 years old.

Ziaga PA Plus understand your needs by providing 3 package options. In every option, you will be provided with 3 basic benefit:

  1. Prime protection for Partial Permanenent Disablement, Total Disablement and Permanent or Death.
  2. Additional protection amounting to 5% for Partial Permanent Disablement as well as Total Disablement or Death
  3. Protection for inflation

Along with 3 basic benefit above, you can choose one from three additional package as follows according to your need.

  1. Package MediCare
  2. Paket Hospital Safe
  3. Paket Lifestyle

General Criteria :

General CriteriaInformation
Entry age of the Insured 15 hari – 69 years
Age of Protected Insurance  Up to 75 years old
Underwriting Method Simple Underwriting
Payment Frequency Monthly, Quarterly, biannually and annual


Package Summary :

Available package summary      
Package Medicare Provide compensation reimbursement  for outpatient costs.
Package Hospital Safe                                                   
Provide compensation for daily inpatient costs from accident.
Package lifestyle Provide monthly compensation for 36 months due to accident and additional life compensation if death occurs due to any cause.


Download Brochure:

Format File : PDF | Size : 240 KB

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