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Bank Mayapada provides services for the payment of MPN - G2 Tax ( Module of State Revenue  – Second Generation ). Customers can directly visit to the nearest Bank Mayapada office for
get a billing code or make payment.

To obtain this service, the steps that shall be followed by the Customer are:

If the customer already has the Billing Code :
Visit the nearest Bank Mayapada office and pay directly via Teller of Bank Mayapada or via ATM of Bank Mayapada
*) Payment is available via My Online service (live December 2017)

If the customer does not have the Billing Code :

  • Visit the nearest Bank Mayapada office and create Billing Code with assistance from our Customer Service.
  • After getting the Billing Code, you can directly pay via Teller or ATM of Bank Mayapada.

Taxes payable via State Acceptance Module - These Second Generation are all types of tax, excise, export, import and non-tax state revenue that have received Billing ID from the Directorate General of Taxation, the Directorate General of Budget and the Directorate General of Customs and Excise.
*) Excluding Rural and Urban Land and Building Taxes

With this ease, you can complete your obligation as a good citizen to make tax payment conveniently.

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