myONLINE is an Internet Banking service from Bank Mayapada that can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

myONLINE Features :

  •   Account Information (Balance Inquiry and Transaction Inquiry).
  •   Others Information (Exchange rate dan Interest Rate).
  •   Fund Transfer (Register Beneficiary Account, Transfer to Mayapada Bank Account and Transfer to Other bank by LLG and RTGS Transfer to Mayapada Bank Virtual Account).
  •   Payment (Credit Card Bills, Phone, Handphone, PAM, Internet, Cable TV, Ticket and others).
  •   Purchase (Phone Voucher Reload, Ticket, Others).

myOnline Individu Services :

  1. Information
    • Transaction Inquiry, Balance Inquiry, Exchange Rate, Interest Rate
  2. Fund Transfer
    • Transfer to Mayapada account or Other Bank account (Online/SKN/RTGS), Scheduled Transaction.
  3. Purchases
    • Phone Prepaid Reload, Data Package
  4. Payments
    • Telephone, Internet, Credit Card, Cable TV, Installment, Insurance, Ticket
  5. Block ATM Card
  6. Others
    • My Profile, Reports, Contact us


  1. Any customer who deposited his/her funds in Bank Mayapada (“Bank Mayapada Customer”) and possesses a Bank Mayapada’s ATM Card that can be used for transactions is eligible to register for “myONLINE Individu”.
  2. Accounts eligible for myONLINE Individu registration are: My Saving, My Saving Super Benefit, My Giro, My Dollar and My Giro Dollar (Dollar accounts may only conduct overbooking to accounts of the same currency).
  3. To use myONLINE Individu facilities, a customer must have the myONLINE Individu Identification (“User ID”) given when the customer registers on a Bank Mayapada’s ATM.
  4. A customer may also register with the Customer Service Officer in any Bank Mayapada branch by providing an identification card (KTP/SIM/Passport), savings book and the Bank Mayapada ATM Card. When a customer registers for myONLINE Individu with the Customer Service Officer, the User ID and password that will be used for first time login will be sent to the e-mail used to register.
  5. 1 (one) account can only register for 1 (one) myONLINE Individu User ID.
  6. The customer is required to use a valid e-mail and phone number when registering for myONLINE Individu facilities.
  7. Joint Accounts are not eligible to register for myONLINE Individu facilities.
  8. The customer's account status should be listed as ACTIVE.


  1. The customer is required not to leave the computer terminal with the account logged on, in other words, the customer must always log out when leaving the computer terminal.
  2. The customer must keep the details of his/her User ID and password confidential by :
    • Not disclosing the details of the User ID and password to anyone for any reason including but not limited to family members and close friends, with the exception that it is required for the customer to disclose his/her User ID to conduct certain transactions such as the purchasing of goods and services online.
    • Not writing down the User ID and password on a desk, terminal or storing in any way be it written, in a computer application or other methods of storage that is likely to be found by someone else.
    • The User ID and password must be used carefully so it will not be seen by anyone else.
    • Not using a password given by someone else or from easily accessible information such as birthdays or phone numbers.
    • Using the customer's own private computer when accessing myONLINE Individu and not using a computer frequently used by other people.
  3. The User ID given by Bank Mayapada is permanent and maybe not be altered unless the account is closed.
  4. The customer is required to change the password immediately after first time login.
  5. The customer is wholly responsible for all transactions based on the User ID, password and myONLINE Token possessed by the customer unless the customer can prove otherwise.
  6. Bank Mayapada reserves the right to give the customer a User ID with a combination of numbers and letters without the agreement of the customer, in other words, random.
  7. The customer is required to immediately inform Bank Mayapada in the event that the User ID or password is compromised (known by others). All instructions for transactions involving User ID, password and myONLINE Token before the report from the customer is received by an official of Bank Mayapada is wholly the responsibility of the customer.
  8. If the customer exchanges his/her Bank Mayapada ATM card due to it being lost/damaged, the customer is able to log in using the old User ID when he/she receives the new Bank Mayapada ATM card.

Registration, Data Changes and Deletion/Closed Administration :

  1. Registration of myONLINE Individu can be done through Bank Mayapada ATM and Bank Mayapada branches.
  2. Required document :
    • KTP
    • Passport and KITAS (for non-residents)
    • Savings book
    • ATM card
  3. An active email account is required for customers who would like to register for myONLINE.
  4. Verification through myTOKEN application is required for financial transactions in myONLINE.
  5. myTOKEN can be downloaded at Google Play Store for android and Appstore for IOS. For customers who register on Bank Mayapada ATMs can visit the nearest Bank Mayapada branch to register myTOKEN.
  6. After the registration process for myONLINE in a branch, the customer will receive :
    1. User ID (via Email)
    2. Password User ID (via SMS)
    3. myTOKEN (download the app through Play Store or App Store)
  7. All myONLINE registration, data and/or account update or deletion must be done at Bank Mayapada branch.
  8. Bank Mayapada will check and verify the accuracy and completeness of the data given by the customers in the form and supporting documents. Bank Mayapada reserves the right to reject and return the form if it is found to contain inaccurate or incomplete data in the form or supporting documents.

How to Access?

How to start myONLINE Service :

  1. Visit and click on ‘’Login’’ and fill out the login details with the given User ID and Password.
  2. Immediately change your password after first time logging in.

bulbTips For Secure Transaction

  1. Access myONLINE only by entering on your internet browser.
  2. Make sure your browser displays on the web address.
  3. Keep the details of your User ID, Password, and PIN myTOKEN confidential by :
    • Not sharing your User ID, Password, and PIN myTOKEN to anyone for any reason.
    • Not using easily known information such as phone number, birthday, etc as your Password or PIN.
    • Not writing down your User ID, Password and PIN.
  4. Conduct transactions in trusted and secure devices such as your own personal computer or phone.

For further information, please contact myCALL at 1500029 or visit our nearest office.

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