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What is National Payment Gateway?
National Payment Gateway  is  a payment transaction system that connects  various banks, so that a bank's ATM card and / or Debit card can be used at another bank's ATM or EDC.

What are the benefits of National Payment ?

  1. With the National Payment Gateway (GPN), the domestic retail payment transaction process will be carried out by interconnection (interconnected) and interoperability.
  2. Creating a national payment system which is smooth, safe, efficient and reliable, and in accordance with the development of information, communication, technology and innovation.
  3. The implementation of GPN can also be the basis for the formation of national payment system integration so as to encourage the use of non-cash transactions by Indonesian people.
  4. GPN is also beneficial because it can improve consumer protection by safeguarding customer transaction data in each transaction.
  5. GPN can also increase financial inclusion and development of national electronic based trading (e-commerce).

Benefits of Using My Card GPN Card

  1. The Public can use cards with GPN logo to do the transactions in all payment channels throughout Indonesia.
  2. The Public can transact safely and comfortably because the ATM card or GPN debit  has been equipped with standardized security features (equipped with CHIP technology), and the entire process is carried out domestically through the domestic network.
  3. Not charged by the merchant due to the determination of Merchant Discount Rate (MDR). MDR is the rate charged to traders by bank.
  4. There is no need to carry large amounts of cash because all payment channels  are interconnected and interoperable.

How do I get MyCard GPN?
The Customer comes to the nearest Branch and open an account or replacing MyCard with MyCard inst

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