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Banner Program Voucher Reward

  1. Users must complete application for mySAVING and registration of myMOBILE & myONLINE during the program period: 1 January – 31 March 2024.
  2. This program is only valid for new users who applied for mySAVING and digital channel, myMOBILE & myONLINE (Internet Banking & Mobile Banking).
  3. This program is not valid for Bank Mayapada and Mayapada Group employees, or registered users who have applied for savings from Bank Mayapada.
  4. All users have the right to get e-voucher reward Rp 100.000 when they have completed all requirements from point 1 to 3.

  • The voucher cannot be exchanged into cash and only valid for 1x transaction.
  • The voucher will be given to the users, by maximum 10 working days (after data is verified by Bank Mayapada).
  • Bank Mayapada has the right to change the voucher with another voucher of the same nominal value.
  • Decisions to this program by Bank Mayapada cannot be contested.
  • This program is free of charge.
  • Bank Mayapada does not ask for personal data from users, such as user ID, password, PIN number, OTP number for program participation or voucher exchange purposes.
  • Users must ensure their registered email for the application is active and correct.
  • Bank Mayapada is not responsible for failures of email notifications outside of the Bank’s jurisdiction.
  • Bank Mayapada has the right to not process voucher exchanges if there is any indication of fraud to any terms and conditions of the program, based on rules from the Bank.

For further information, please contact myCALL at 15000-29 or follow our social media channels at Instagram @bankmayapadaofficial and Facebook @bankmayapadaofficial.


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