MyHome is here to ease your financing in house loan facility (KPR).

MyHome benefits :

  • Easy and convenient process
  • Competitive interest rate
  • Choose your desired location type of house


  1. Purchases for both new and used properties including home/ ruko/ rukan
  2. House construction
  3. House renovation

List of financing for House/Shop/Office :

Credit/Financing & Type of Collateral
Maximum Limits
1st Facilities
2nd Facilities
3rd Facilities etc
KPR Type > 70 70% 60% 50%
KPRS Type > 70 70% 60% 50%
KPR Type 22-70 70% 70% 60%
KPRS Type < 70 70% 70% 60%
Housing Loan for Ruko/Rukan (PTA) 80% 70% 60%

 General Requirements :

  •  Indonesia citizen aged :
    • 21-55 years (employee)
    • 21-60 years (self-employed)
  • Period of employment/self-employed at least 3 years

Documents required for collateral:

1. Copy of HM / HGB Certificate
2. Copy of IMB
3. Copy of Building Plan
4. Copy of Purchase Deed  
5. Copy of proof of PBB payment the last 3 years  
6. Budget Plans Of The Building*  

*) for home renovation
Note : The original documents mentioned above are to be addressed to the Bank/Notary when signing the loan agreement.

 Documents required :

 Application Form      
 Copy of ID Card of Applicant      
 Copy of ID Card of Husband/Wife      
 Copy of Family Card      
 Copy of Marriage Certificate      
 Copy of Official Tax Number (NPWP) or annual tax report       
 Slip of Salary **      
 Mutations of bank account for the last 3 months         
 Letter of Recommendation from employer for employee       
 Electricity bill / Telephone bill       
 Trading License (SIUP)        
 Company Registration Certificate (TDP)    
 Deed of Establishment / amendment untill the latest for company      
 Endorsement (Confirmation/authentication/legalization)  from the Ministry of Law*       

Note :

  • For loan of IDR 100 million and above, employee need Official Tax Number (NPWP), or Official Tax Number (NPWP) of the employer and Slip of payment of Income Tax Article21
  • *)   For company
  • **) For Joint Income of Husband and Wife with Income Tax Article 21

For Further Information, please contact MyCall at (021) 1-5000-29 or visit our nearest office.


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