myMOBILE is Bank Mayapada mobile banking service that gives you the freedom and convenience for your everyday transaction anywhere and anytime.

myMOBILE Benefit

  1. Information :
    • Balance inquiry, Information for the last five transactions
  2. Transfer :
    • Transfer in between Bank Mayapada accounts and to another bank accounts in PRIMA and Bersama Network
  3. Payments :
    • Phone bill, Postpaid for Flexi and Halo, TV subscription (Telkomvision, Indovision, TopTV, Okevision), Train Tickets, Telkompay, Credit Card (Mayapada, DBS, Danamon, etc), BPJS Kesehatan
  4. Top Up :
    • Mobile top up voucher (Simpati, AS & Flexi Trend), e-Wallet (OVO, Link aja, etc)
  5. Setting :
    • Destination account, Top up, Payment Change PIN Application, Change PIN Mobile Banking.
  6. Other :
    • Foreign exchange rate Information,Interest rate information for Current, Saving and Time Deposit account, Help, Branch & ATM Location.

Steps to use myMOBILE :

  1. Download myMOBILE application
    1. myMOBILE application is now available and can be downloaded at :
  2. Visit our nearest office to register
    • Requirement : Mobile phone number (XL, Indosat, Telkomsel, Three)
  3. myMOBILE is ready to use.

  1. myMOBILE Banking is the Bank distribution channel to access customer account through mobile phone.
  2. myMOBILE Banking is intended only for Savings account, not for joint account.
  3. Power of Attorney is not valid for new application, data change and new PIN request.
  4. myMOBILE Banking is only accessible/ performed by individual customer who have registered as user of myMOBILE Banking services.
  5. myMOBILE Banking transaction only available in Rupiah.
  6. The type of account available for the service is Savings account, myMOBILE Banking service is not available for Taspen Account.
  7. The Bank is PT. Bank Mayapada Internasional Tbk, including the Head Office and branch offices
  8. Customer shall change the old PIN immediately to the new PIN chosen by the Customer after receiving the PIN Master from the bank.
  9. For each of the transaction :
    • Only conducted on registered account at the Bank.
    • Customer shall ensure the accuracy and completeness of transaction commands as instructed by the Bank.
    • The Bank is not responsible for any loss or impact that may arise as a result of lack of understanding and incomplete instructions or data from the Customer.
  10. All transaction that have been instructed to the Bank and approved by the Customer is valid and cannot be undone. The Bank do not have the obligation to assess or investigate the authenticity and authority of the mobile phone users and PIN, as well as to prove accuracy or completeness of instructions.
  11. myMOBILE Banking transaction will not be carried out if the account balance is not sufficient.
  12. Receipt of customer transaction is the transaction number texted through SMS, as long as the mailbox is not full and/or no disruption of communication from the mobile network operator.
  13. Customer agree and acknowledge that :
    • By executing transaction through myMOBILE Banking, all instruction and communication from the Customer  received by the Bank will be treated as valid evidence, even without written or signed document.
    • Evidence on instruction from the Customer to the Bank and all forms of communication between the Bank and the Customer will be sent electronically and will be saved in the center and the Bank and/or saved in the form of information storage and other data in the Bank, either in the form of copy with storage time according to applicable regulations, is valid evidence that cannot be denied on the validity, correctness and authenticity.
  14. The Bank reserves the right to set the limit entry for myMOBILE Banking transaction for a maximum amount of Rp. 25.000.000,-  per day.
  15. The bank will charge myMOBILE Banking services to the Customer according to the Bank’s applicable regulation, mobile  operator will apply charges for each delivered SMS by the customer and replied SMS received by the Customer.
  16. For typing error (typo) in SMS format (SMS failed), the Customer will not be charged by the operator for SMS replies. Telkomsel and Indosat. Especially for XL operator, for error in writing the keyword (transaction code) the customer will not be charged for SMS replies by the operator.
  17. For XL GSM Operator, error in writing SMS excluding SMS syntax error will be charged for SMS replies.
  18. Customer shall secure myMOBILE Banking PIN:
    • Do not tell PIN to anyone else.
    • Do not record PIN inwriting forms on phone memory or other storage facilities  which is prone to the knowledge of others.
    • Be careful to use PIN so it is not visible to others.
    • Frequently change PIN regularly.
  19. Any misuse of PIN is the responsibility of the Customer and hereby release the Bank from any claims that may arise, either from the other party or the Customer her/himself as a result of misuse of mobile phone and PIN.
  20. If the Customer lost or transfer the SIM CARD to other parties, the customer shall notify the Bank in written letter   through Bank Mayapada branch office where the Customer open the account or contact the Call Center.
  21. Access of myMOBILE Banking services may be discontinued by the Bank if :
    1. Customer request in written letter to the Bank to suspend the access to myMOBILE Bank Service temporarily or permanently because :
      • The phone number changes/ lost/ stolen/ transferred to other parties, and it has been notified to the Bank.
      • Customer have closed all accounts that can be accessed through myMOBILE Banking services.
    2. Error input of PIN for three (3) times consecutively.
  22. Customer shall release the Bank from any claims or, if the bank can not carry out orders from the Customer due to events or causes beyond the powere or ability of the Bank including but not limited to natural disaster, war, riot or transmission malfunction, power failures, interruption of telecommunication, government policy and other events ot other causes  beyond the control or the ability of the Bank.
  23. Customer may contact customer service where the Customer opened the account for any problems related to transaction and changes of access to myMOBILE Banking services, for problems related to phone number, network, SIM Card usage charges, SMS fees beyond the Customer agreement with the Bank, the Customer may contact related Mobile Operator.
  24. The Bank may change these terms and conditions at anytime with prior notice to the Customer though and in any forms of notification to the Customer at least 7 (seven) days.
  25. Customer is subject to rules and regulations applicable to the Bank as well as terms of account opening, including any charges that will be notified in advance by the Bank in the form or written letter or though notification.
  26. The power of either inscribed or implied in these terms and conditions is legit power that will not be terminated as long  as the Customer is still using myMOBILE Banking services or still obligated for other matters to the Bank.

For further information, please contact myCALL at (021) 1500029 or visit our nearest office.


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